Henry Rummage
and the
Marca Key

When teenager Henry Rummage finds mysterious ancient treasure on the beach, his curiosity unleashes a power never before seen on Earth, starting a chain of events which takes him and his friends on a global adventure and far beyond.

Someone is watching and wants to stop them at all costs. With danger, mystery and intrigue at every turn, will they succeed in their quest? 

They must, there’s too much at stake for failure – but how do you fake Human Induced Planetary Extinction?

Meet Nab O’Malley, the Ioks and Manine amongst others, in this gripping and fast moving tale, where otherworldly powers and death-defying tasks await.

But beware, the Vallendord are a force to be reckoned with!

Suitable for all ages, this must read, brand new novel is out now!

Last updated 7th December 2022.

About The Author

I’m Andrew, a debut author from Manchester, UK. The novel has been a labour of love, having taken me two years to complete. 

I’m married with four adult children and the action, adventure, sci-fi, mystery themes in the book are based on our family book and film tastes. With no sexual content, violence or profanities, the book is suitable for all ages.

I’m working on the second novel and hope to have it ready soon.