Update 8th December 2022 – Henry Rummage and the Marca Key is now available in paperback and e-book formats.

The Idea

Like me you have probably heard the quote by the author Christopher Hitchens – “Everybody does have a book in them-” but I didn’t know the whole quote which ends – “but in most cases that’s where it should stay.” Probably lucky I didn’t to be fair as I would have stopped right there!

So I did have the book in me and managed to get it done, and I hope now that it is out in the wild at least some people like it and that you are one of those people.

The idea was forming in my mind for some time and when I started the book there was no ending. When I was sat writing and researching and pondering, I was enjoying the process and missed it when I was doing something else. Even so it still took nearly two years to complete because it was by no means a full-time endeavour. I was probably averaging only 600 words per week, mainly during some weekend hours. 

So I had this idea brewing and decided to make a start, and when I did, the words started to flow. But then I had to learn how to write – dialogue, number formatting, character building, scene setting – the list goes on but that’s part of the process and thank goodness for the Internet. I’m very much still learning but hope the second book will build on my increasing skills.

Large parts of the story build on my life experiences and my mum will recognise places and character traits when she reads the book. There’s some humour, loss, friendships and in some parts the writing almost felt therapeutic, with the odd tear shed here and there. I really did miss the characters when I wasn’t writing and couldn’t wait to see what would happen to them next.